Stem cells shipment – Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know


Why should I consider shipment?

A quality sample is a sample that is rich in stem cells and when in transit, requires an extra layer of care to ensure suitable conditions.

Temperature and time are the biggest risks to stem cells as their precious nature means that they can degrade over time. Therefore, it’s advised by the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood to choose a bank that provides a kit that is validated to maintain stable temperature inside the kit, regardless of any outside extremity.

Is international shipment possible?
Yes. As awareness of stem cell banking has increased significantly only in recent years, you are not guaranteed to have the most experienced and best quality biobank located in the same country as you. Thousands of parents therefore opt to store internationally, causing air travel to be common practice and used by most public and private banks worldwide.

How can a sample be protected whilst in air?
Air travel has been commonplace for years and there has never been any evidence that air travel compromises quality in anyway. If a sample is placed in a container that maintains the conditions needed, the sample can be transported by any means. Further, a recent study concluded that shipment of cord blood via air transport to be a safe and
efficient method by which to quick obtain CB units.

How does Future Health handle shipment?
At Future Health we have 18 years’ experience and, in this time, have curated a bespoke collection kit with a focus on maintaining the sample stability during air transit. Immediately after packing, this temperature-controlled kit is transported to the Future Health laboratory using procedures which ensure a minimum transit time. We also hold long term relationships with our courier to guarantee priority shipment. This results in minimal cell loss and the best possible shipment procedure – wherever the kit is then placed.

What does a Future Health kit contain?
Amongst all the essentials to securely contain the sample, each kit also contains it’s very own NanoCoolⓇ engine that with one touch, activates a refrigeration system using advanced evaporative cooling technology. Our unique collection kits also contain a data logger, to track the temperature of the sample throughout the transit.

What if I need my sample?
If you ever need your sample, transportation and shipment is totally free of charge to anywhere in the world. We use our own medically approved courier to transport samples directly, 24/7.

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