Future Health Biobank

Future Health Biobank

Largest global presence
As well as two laboratories ( Nottingham, UK and Chatel, Switzerland ), we have a presence in more than 75 countries worldwide, making us a true global leader in stem cell banking.

Most treatment samples released
90 samples have been released from our labs for transplantations across the world including in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. This is more than any other UK stem cell bank.

Dedicated courier
We arrange collection of your stem cell sample for you, using our own dedicated, 24 hour, medically approved courier service. Our trusted couriers transport your sample directly from hospital or home to our stem cell laboratory.

90% recovery rate
Our state of the art processing technology enables cell recovery rates of up to 90%, leaving the most stem cells possible in your sample and giving your child the best chance of successful treatment in the future.

Interest-free payment plan
Having a baby is an expensive time. We help to lighten the load by offering interest-free payment plans over 6 months.

Insolvency protection
To give full peace of mind, we have full insolvency protection to ensure you’re financially protected for your full contract term, in the event of any natural disaster or insolvency.

Refund guaranteed
You will only be charged for successful samples. should any of your samples fail, you will not be charged for the storage of that sample.

24/7 customer care
Future Health Biobank are available day and night 365 days a year to answer any of your questions or in an emergency, ensuring you are the highest priority.

Over our 16 year history, we have become the UK’s largest and most advanced stem cell bank. We are passionate about protecting your family’s health, whilst staying at the forefront of present and future innovations. This has led us to store more stem cell samples than all other UK banks combined.

World's most accredited stem cell bank More samples stored than all other UK banks combined

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