Access To Genome

Access To Genome


The recent scientific and technological developments in the field of molecular diagnostics, have highlighted the clinical genetic laboratory in a multidisciplinary unit, with overarching objectives of timely preventive biomedical testing, reliable diagnosis – study of diseases and individual response to a wide range of medical treatments. The reliable application of these technological breakthroughs achieved through the practice of modern diagnostic methods under conditions of high scientific specialization and expertise. The diagnostic center “ATG – Access to Genome” leverages and integrates the most innovative scientific methods in the field of genetic diagnostics, and in conjunction with the experienced and highly trained scientific staff, guarantees maximum reliability and speed on all the providedservices.

ATG – Access To Genome, in line with the modern diagnostic data, is designed to enhance the fruitful coexistence of a group of scientists and investors who believe in innovative ideas and applications. The company has established laboratories in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece) and Athens (Southern Greece), which are fully equipped with state-of-the-art biomedical equipment. Our services are focused on molecular genetic and cytogenetic analyses that lead to the detection of many different genetic diseases prenatally and postnatally, on preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, on cancer genetics, as well as the molecular detection of microorganisms and viruses (such as the human papilloma virus HPV).

Already by the time of its establishment, the diagnostic units of ATG – Access To Genome are integrated into international networks of internal and external quality control and organization of genetic laboratories such as UKNEQAS (UK National External Quality Assessment Schemes), and CEQAS (Cytogenetic External Quality Assessment Service), whereas the reliability of laboratory findings / results is certified by the quality management system according to ISO9001 standard and ISO15189 standard for clinical laboratories.

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