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Esco is a progressive and established manufacturer of laboratory equipment that has been making “clean air” products for high tech industrial uses and the life sciences industry since 1978. Esco has sold more than 80,000 systems across the world over the past 35 years, has become a leader in the industry, has expanded the breadth of its product line to include temperature control devices (such as freezers and incubators) and more. The signature characteristics of the company are the high value of its systems, its customer service focus, product quality, and a commitment to working with its customers to develop systems that meet the market’s needs.

Esco’s full line of laboratory equipment combines high quality and a broad range of characteristics and capabilities with competitive pricing to deliver highly cost-effective equipment of the highest value in the market. Esco can also add features and custom design systems at costs not achievable by other equipment companies. Getting systems of high quality and with more features at comparable prices make Esco’s products stand apart from the rest.

High quality and superior feature set at competitive prices Customization and custom designs available and affordable Best Value of systems in their class, offering an exceptional combination of pricing and features, giving customers the most for their money.

Customers use Esco’s systems with confidence; Esco’s systems meet regulatory compliance, come with market leading multi-year warranties, and the company’s personnel are professional, knowledgeable and technically adept to be able to provide solutions for scientific challenges.

35 years of experience producing high quality, reliable and time-tested systems Quality, support, value and reliability: the key attributes of Esco’s laboratory equipment. A world leader in laboratory equipment, Esco has been operating in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

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